Marina Ignarski – Fashion and Textile Designer

H onesty

F reedom

C reativity

C ompassion


Marina Ignarski is a luxury slow fashion label specialising in vibrant digital print fashion collections. Our vision is to weave sustainable material into our collections, support fair trade workers in third world countries bringing greater lifestyle benefits and lower environmental impact.

We believe our core values allow us to create garments with high fashion values that can be treasured and passed down generations. Our goal is to create avant-garde collections which strive to innovate but which remain eco-friendly and honest.

Nature is a central narrative to each collection with each garment drawn from nature in some way. Using a large proportion of organic fabric enables us to take responsibility for the environment and produce collections which are naturally occurring.

Marina Ignarski uses an interdisciplinary approach to catwalk shows combining live music, dance and fashion film for a fully immersive experience which encourages you to think about important issues in the world.

We create bespoke one of a kind pieces in our atelier which often include couture garments. Please contact us via the contact us tab to discuss an order or commission.

For our sustainable Ready to Wear Collections please visit:

Vida- Fashion

Teemill- Sustainable T shirts